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Charalambos Margaritis was born in 1985 in Cyprus.


He graduated from the National Superior Fine Arts School of Paris (ENSBA) in 2012. His work is centered around printmaking, animated films, drawing and painting.  


In 2010 he studied the traditional icon painting techniques with the monk Paisios Agrapides in the Cell of Saint Archangels in Karyes of Mount Athos, where he resided for three months.  


He has participated in several exhibitions and festivals around the world.


His film "Workhouse" (2012), participated in the London Greek Film Festival, the International Motion Festival in Nicosia, the Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival, the Sarmat International Independent Film Festival, the Depth of Field International Film Festival and the Blow-Up Chicago International Art House Film Fest. It was preselected for the Los Angeles Cinefest. For "Workhouse" he received the Best Animator Award in the Anim8fest International Animation Film Festival.

His film "Large Scale Absurdities, Vol. 1" received the Award of Recognition at the IndieFest Film Awards.


He currently lives and works in Paphos, Cyprus, where he co-founded, in 2015 the Kimonos Art Center.


He has been living in Cyprus since 2015 where he works at the Kimonos Art Center, teaching printmaking, animation and comics.